High end world of luxury lingerie

High end world of luxury lingerie

Upscale escorts enjoy a lifestyle where nothing but the very best is enjoyed. This may include accommodation, experiences and travel but also includes more mundane things such as clothing and even lingerie. More »

What Does it Take to be a London Deluxe Escort? Being a High Class Escort is more than you can Imagine!

What Does it Take to be a London Deluxe Escort? Being a High Class Escort is more than you can Imagine!

What it Takes to be a London Deluxe High End Escort Sadly, some people are under the impression that any girl who looks pretty could become a high end London escort. This More »

Make it a Dazzling Summer with an Escort in London

Make it a Dazzling Summer with an Escort in London

This year summer is heating up quick and what better way to blow off some steam than to sweat it out with one of the hottest escorts in London. With various agencies More »

Chelsea Escorts are Incredible!

Chelsea Escorts are Incredible!

Next time you visit Chelsea, why not consider booking one of the most beautiful escorts in Chelsea to enhance your time here and make the most of your visit? Chelsea is one More »

An escort no matter your preference

An escort no matter your preference

Every man has a different preference when it comes to escorts some prefer a tall blond some lean more to bbw and some prefer the experience that a mature women brings. This More »


Dealing with a Breakup

Break ups suck, there’s no way around that but you can make the time that it does suck a little better. The reason they suck though is because you were emotionally invested in something (even if they ended up being a horrible person) so it’s time to get emotionally invested in someone else: yourself. You’ve heard of the cliché of having time to get back in touch with yourself. Yes, it’s true but it doesn’t have to sound so boring or dramatic. So, if you’re dealing with a break up whether you’re a man or a woman here are a couple of tips on how to take the breakup like a champ.

  • lily-6Mourn the loss. Seriously, it sucks to be dumped or to dump someone so take your time and feel all that you have to feel. Don’t deny it to yourself and if you need to cry it out some then cry it out. Nothing it going to drag the pain of the entire thing more than if you lie to yourself and pretend everything is fine. Don’t fall into a deep depression but just make sure you pay your respects to the relationship you once saw good enough to fall in love with.
  • Do something a little sexy after you’re done mourning. Get out there, go to the gym, buy a new pair of shoes and remind yourself why you’re amazing and desirable in the first place. Your ex? They’re missing out and you are fucking awesome. If you’re having a hard time remembering that then try booking a tantric massage London just so that you can get that little pick me up of knowing exactly what you were missing out on when you were dating someone who for some reason or another didn’t appreciate you enough.
  • Get out there but not too soon. Now is the time to have fun, to spend the weekends in, to save some money and rekindle old friendships. You’ll have your time to date again but avoid getting serious with anyone for at least a couple of months or you might fall into a cycle of constantly needing company which you don’t need. You deserve the best company and not simply the one that’s currently available.

High end world of luxury lingerie

Escort from Sloane Square

Upscale escorts enjoy a lifestyle where nothing but the very best is enjoyed. This may include accommodation, experiences and travel but also includes more mundane things such as clothing and even lingerie. A model escort knows that the right garments can stir the senses and since clients appreciate the visual appeal of their companions, our elite Mayfair escorts always choose those luxury brands which create the delicate masterpieces of tantalising temptation.


Our high class model escorts in London place a great deal of importance on their choice of lingerie. Considerations are made as to the mood of the date and the quality of the brand, when choosing which pieces to wear. An encounter can be transformed by the model escort wearing just the right lingerie item and with such an extensive array of choice, fetish fun, role play and romance can all be eluded to in the choice of lingerie. Many of the luxury brands have different collections which are released each season and our VIP London escort girls are always the first to take their pick so where a caged bralet and webbed suspender set will set the tone for a flirty fetish feel, a delicate lace baby doll with satin ribbons will make a woman feel utterly feminine and elegant regardless of where she is or what she wears in her outer garments. The right lingerie can change a woman’s mood and sense of femininity no matter what the day ahead brings.

Escort from Sloane Square

Lingerie is much more than underwear. The luxury brands do not intend for their exquisite pieces to simply be used as every day underwear to be hidden away under clothing so within their creations are pieces which are much more imaginative than simply bras and panties. Not only are their designs intended to appeal to the eye but by using delicate fabrics like lace, silk and pure cotton the items will feel feminine to the touch as they caress and mould to the skin.

There is a saying of ‘less is more’ but in this case the elegant and delicate lingerie that our high class London escorts adore will only ever enhance their appearance and seductive allure. Much of the luxury lingerie that our VIP London escorts choose will tantalise and tease and offer a glimpse at delights yet to be discovered and whilst most lingerie is designed for intimate wear there are pieces which are appropriate to be worn in public. The very best brands which include La Perla, Agent provocateur, Fleur of England, Myla, Bordelle and Carine Gilson always ensure that their collections evoke a sense of delicious discovery as they are revealed and worn against bare flesh. You can discover for yourself the delights that luxury lingerie can add to your encounter just by calling our team.

Alternative Therapy Options in London

thumbnail-29London is a city that is filled with many influences from all over the world when it comes to every aspect of a person’s life. This means that a person looking for any kind of alternative therapy will find themselves bombarded with options for any kind of ailment. Alternative therapies are important because sometimes they can truly help people supplement with western medicine to get through some tough aspects of life and the best part is that most alternative medical treatments are much more personal and offer a much more gentle approach to healing than western medicine.

Here are some of our favorite alternative therapies from all over London:

  • Acupuncture:

    This ancient art form deals with sticking needles into your skin over and over. This might not seem like an enjoyable experience but the needles are small enough to not truly cause any harm and have actually been known to help people feel almost immediate relief from chronic pain, fatigue and other illnesses.

  • Yoga:

    There are many different kind of yoga classes available all over the city. Yoga is a practice that requires people to have at least some mobility to practice but the poses are especially designed to bring forth healing in natural ways. The classes can actually be quite demanding if you’re up for it and there are places that offer yoga for couples which always gets the heart racing.

  • Tantric massages:

    If you’re interested in something a bit more relaxing and yet a bit sexier then you should definitely try booking a massage with one of the many incredible tantric massage services available out there, such as the ones available at London Tantric. These massages are definitely not for the faint of heart as they’re pretty hands on and involve a lot of nudity and touching of the body. The truth I, however, that they’re extremely popular and very much so a complete body experience that brings with it a myriad of benefits. Trying a tantric massage in London has been one of tourism favorite activities and one of the best kept secrets by residence from all over London.

Sparkles Escorts: A Discrete, Reliable and Professional Essex Escorts Agency

Sparkles Escorts

TSexy Sparkles Escorthis year an escort agency in Essex that provides companions in Hertfordshire, Surrey and Berkshire has taken the UK by storm. These locations have been dry of high quality escort agencies for a while; it has become increasingly difficult to find a beautiful escort in these areas that is both reliable and professional. Amongst the ashes of failed agencies, unsatisfied customers and false advertisements Sparkles Escorts has arisen and is ready to impress clients in their area with the incredible standard of Hertfordshire escorts and the amazing escorts in Essex that they have recruited. This agency is already turning heads with their reasonable prices, excellent customer service, sleek website and gorgeous companions.

Finding a strong resource for companions can be difficult, especially if you want to book the most sensual escorts Essex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Surrey have available. When booking with Sparkles Escorts you can be sure that all of the girls in the pictures are real, discretion is a priority and customer relations will be both reliable and responsive. We aim to satisfy our clients every need, whether this be by ensuring that our website is maintained properly or whether this be the way in which we respond to our clients requests when they choose to make a booking.

A Positive Future for Professional Essex escorts

Sparkles Escorts are currently recruiting escorts in Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Berkshire so if you feel that you are right for the job feel free to visit our recruitment page(www.sparklesescorts.com/recruitment). All of the models that work at Sparkles Escorts really enjoy their time spent here and we really do look after our girls. It’s important to us that not only are our clients happy throughout their booking but that our girls are satisfied by their career and enjoying their time spent with our agency. We strive to ensure that our Essex escorts are safe at all times which is just one reason why working with Sparkles Escorts is such a promising career.

What to Expect from the Beautiful Escorts Essex Have to Offer!

Hot Sparkles EscortWhilst booking for the first time may be intimidating, even if it’s only your first time booking with that agency or a particular girl. So we have decided to give you some insight in to what a booking with one of our special ladies is like.

The first step of making a booking with one of the gorgeous girls at Sparkles Escorts is simple, just visit our homepage and take a look at our gallery of incredible courtesans. Once you have chosen the girl you want to meet, feel free to contact our agency and we will be more than happy to let you know a little more about the escort you have chosen, their preferences and places that they might enjoy a booking.

It’s important to always make a good impression when booking an escort so that your booking is as amazing as you have envisaged. This is why contacting us before a booking can be so rewarding, you will be able to pick up a gift that will charm your companion or even book her favourite hotel which is sure to excite her.

once you have made your booking and enquired, the ball will be rolling and you will be no doubt getting excited about your booking. Take this time to make any preparations you may need, whether this be booking a lovely venue or buying some new clothes- it’s up to you how you choose to prepare for your booking. Now your booking should be close and you may have made arrangements, I would recommend taking a couple of minutes just for the final touches, groom yourself, brush your teeth, use some deodorant and do not drink too much before your booking!

Unrelenting Beauty: Meeting Escorts in Essex

The moment is here and you are finally at the venue you have chosen to book at, your gorgeous companion arrives looking ravishing and you are simply mesmerised by her unrelenting beauty. You try to keep your tongue in your mouth as your jaw drops and before you know it your companion is already speaking in her soft, feminine voice.

One way in which we excel here at Sparkles Escorts is the way in which we train our escorts, you can be sure that when booking a companion with us conversation I’ll always be easy and painless as our girls have been trained to handle any social situation and keep conversation flowing effortlessly. Once you begin to converse, try not to feel nervous. It’s rare that you meet a girl of this calibre so it’s important that you take this experience to develop as a person, learn new skills, improve your confidence and make the most of your time with an incredible companion.

Wherever you choose to take your escort and the way in which your evening pans out is ultimately up to you and how you choose to handle the situation, I’m sure however that like most people you will take this unique opportunity to make the most of your time spent with a beautiful escort in Essex. To view our gallery of escorts or learn more about our agency feel free to visit the Sparkles Escorts website.

What Does it Take to be a London Deluxe Escort? Being a High Class Escort is more than you can Imagine!

London Deluxe Model

What it Takes to be a London Deluxe High End Escort

1467658976_staff_671_577ab2e0bf592Sadly, some people are under the impression that any girl who looks pretty could become a high end London escort. This is not the case at all. Whilst that may wash with some of the lesser agencies in the city, it will never simply “do” for London Deluxe.

At London Deluxe we certainly do take an interest in the girls looks. It would be silly not to really, since it’s looks that provides the initial attraction between any two people, not just client and escort. But we do have a reputation to maintain for delivering some of the best quality escorts in London, so there must be more to it than this. You can’t simply send a pretty girl around to a high-powered client who is paying £600 an hour for her company, and then have her barely able to string a sentence together, or worse still not really want to be there!

High Class London Escorts have more to offer than just Good Looks!

1434147393_staff_98_557b5a414afb2This is the reason why we insist on actually meeting with any potential high class London escort we are contemplating representing. Yes, we look at pictures and say “oh my goodness, she is stunning!” Of course we do. But you would be surprised at how many absolutely beautiful young women we get to meet who we actually wouldn’t send to out to meet our clients.
No such thing as charm school!

You can’t teach it! For a young woman to be successful at London Deluxe, she has to have a unique charm. And believe it or not, this is quite hard when you consider that we have so many girls, all with their own uniqueness. If something stands out to us when we meet them, if we are charmed in any way at all, then we will more than likely agree to represent them.

In our opinion, if they can charm us (and we see a lot of girls!) then they will more than likely be satisfactory to our clients.

At the end of the day, we aim to get as many re-bookings as possible. This is the standard by which most businesses run these days, so there is no need for the escort industry to be any different. Our clients expect a lot from us, and we deliver. It’s easier to reject applications from girls, since there are always so many, but to lose a client that books regularly is silly.

Trust London Deluxe to deliver the experience you want, visit our homepage today: http://www.londondeluxe.co.uk/

If you’d like to learn more about how to become a high class escort and what it involves, why not read more here

Treat Yourself

1464221545_staff_560_57463f6950d59_tnYou deserve a treat. It’s quite that simple and there is no need to beat around the block when thinking about it. You work hard, you are responsible and you deserve to treat yourself as soon as possible. We often think of treating ourselves as small things we can do like buy ourselves something nice or eat an extra piece of cake but when it comes to bigger things, particularly things that are a bit out of the ordinary we tend to hold back. Don’t. In fact go crazy and do that one exciting thing you’ve always been wanting to do and yet always manage to put off because you can’t quite get yourself to make the call, book the appointment and not worry about being judged.

Getting a tantric massage in Knightsbridge from Bespoke Tantric is not only a treat but it’s a real delight. Something you not only want but you also should feel like you deserve. After all you do, all you put up with and all that you lack due to being responsible and good it’s about time you treat yourself to the warm and delightful touch of a woman who wants to make you feel good. Whether you’re a man looking to fulfill a fantasy or a woman simply wanting to explore your desires there is a massage in London simply waiting for you to discover it. Don’t over think it… keep your mind focused on the excitement you feel when you think about it. Imagine your chosen masseuse walking through your door, picture her glistening skin, her deep and joyful eyes as she looks down on you and asks you to breathe in and out. Try to imagine the smell of her hair, the bell-like noise that she’ll make when she laughs. Forget all the things that hold you back and release yourself from those constraints. You can have the massage right at home and trust us, the satisfaction you get from one of these amazing and erotic experiences will outlast any sort of joy you can find in buying a new pair of shoes.

Let Go and Enjoy

If you’re reading this you’re either interested in tantric massages or have already made the decision to get one from an agency like Love Tantric. Yet you’re not too sure what you’re getting into and you’re wondering what exactly goes on at one of these sessions that makes them so alluring and yet so naughty to think about. I’m not going to tell you what your massage will be like since that depends largely on you and your masseuse. I’m not going to tell you that you have my permission to get a massage because you don’t need it. What I will assure you one hundred and ten percent is that you’re going to have a damn good time.

Oh yes, you’re not going into this massage because you’re not looking forward to a good time… this isn’t some spa watered down deep tissue thing with some distant masseuse whose name you might not even catch. No, this will be a full on immersive experience that will drive your senses wild unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. You’ll spend an hour or two being taken from a state of complete relaxation to utter despair and need for that build up you feel in your sensitive areas to leave your body. You’ll want it so badly at one point you might even scream for it. Do so, it’s your massage and you’re more than allowed to let what you want be known. But then, you’ll cool off again and that energy will be stored so that when the time comes for the massage to be over you’ll be left completely satisfied with a body that is much more relaxed than you ever thought possible and a mind completely taken by the experience. The best part is that the effects outlast the massage itself by a lot. You’ll feel your body move so much more fluidly and your skin will thank you as well as the utter silence in your mind. All anxiety, stress, sadness… all of it will have left you for much longer than you expect. Then when you feel like you’re starting to become ‘normal’ again all you have to do is remember the experience and you’ll find that you still have some of it left inside of you for you to enjoy until you decide (and trust me you’ll decide) to get yet another massage done.


Gay massage London

The fact that this year we’ve had a better English summer than in previous years can’t have escaped anyone. And, in fact, it’s even stretching into picSeptember, bestowing us with sunny and hot days beyond our expectations and helping us not to dwell on the encroaching of Autumn and the dreaded changing of the clocks, that awful day that can be relied upon to occur every year, just like death, rain and taxes. But just as there are many wonderful things about the blazing days of sunshine that we’ve all enjoyed, there are, of course, hazards, too. There’s dehydration, especially a risk for those who travel on the Tube, in particular the lines deep down in the earth, like the Central and Bakerloo. And then there’s sunburn; this year, you don’t need to have gone overseas to have been exposed to this risk. All it takes is one day spent sunbathing in Green Park or Kensington Gardens and you may have singed your vulnerable skin. Gay massage in London can certainly help to soothe you, but of course it’s better to learn from mistakes and vow that from now on, you’ll wear sunscreen every day, even through winter (though of course, you can lower the SPF once summer is over).

picBut if you just didn’t prepare yourself in advance and have suffered with reddened or even blistered skin, there’s no shortage of after-sun products on the shelves, and those containing Aloe Vera are highly recommended. Even better is if you’re able to acquire fresh Aloe Vera, slice it and then rub the wet flesh against your skin. And then there are steps that can be taken to help skin recover even further. Once your skin’s hue has returned to normal and the burn is a distant memory, you can ask your GP for a prescription of Tretinoin gel or cream (prescription-strength Retin-A). This marvellous beauty secret speeds up the turnover of skin cells and is, to date, the only thing that can regenerate collagen. It’s important to be careful while you’re using it because although it repairs sun damage, it simultaneously makes you more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Consequently, some people apply it at night, before bedtime, and then wear a sunscreen during the day. We think you’ll be pleased with the results because it also has a lovely, clarifying effect on skin and a marked anti-wrinkle effect.

Of course, gay massage in London can also relieve dry skin that’s been overexposed to the sun. When you allow a man to coat himself with warm oils and then tenderly press himself against you, you’ll be flooded with feelgood endorphins – an added bonus that’s sure to be welcome as the summer days gradually ripen into autumn ones.


Top 3 Bustiest Manchester Escorts

Manchester escorts

Manchester is full of things to do and things to see, luckily for you there is quite the abundance of Manchester escorts available here. The Manchester-Companions-Escorts agency is known for its variety of stunningly gorgeous Manchester escorts that are available 24/7 in and around Manchester, so here is a short list of the top 3 bustiest Manchester escorts;


Sophie is an absolutely stunning Ebony Manchester escort, with a gorgeous 34DD bust and beautiful figure that is to die for. She’s a one of a kind is Sophie as she really does love going out with her clients and doing well whatever as she just wants to make you happy. If you’re thinking of booking this ebony beauty then do so with caution as she can be quite the seductively kinky girl that wants nothing more than pounce on you at any given moment.


This Manchester escort is the kind of girl you want to keep close, as Amber has a beautiful 34D bust and gorgeous figure that attracts the eyes of both men and women as she is just that stunning. Amber is a real beauty at dinner as she really comes dressed in the most luxurious clothes you’ve ever seen, boasting beauty and intellect of the fine arts that really cannot be unnoticed as she is loved as soon as she walks through the door.


Fiona is one of the most gorgeous girls in Manchester and she knows it, having a natural 32B bust and stunning legs she amazes everyone when she’s walking down the street. You’ll find her to be quite the able conversationalist and will not stop complimenting you, just so you know what kind of night you’re in for with her. If you’re booking this blonde bombshell then get yourselves a hotel for the night and let her show you how she loves to see her clients with huge grins on their faces.

Make it a Dazzling Summer with an Escort in London

An image of the London escort Monika.

This year summer is heating up quick and what better way to blow off some steam than to sweat it out with one of the hottest escorts in London. With various agencies competing this summer in this thriving industry, one agency that’s been brightening up London is Crush Escorts, this agency has illuminated the way for clients to have a truly spectacular summer this year.

An image of the famous London Escort Monika from the London Escort Agency, Crush Escorts.

Monika from Crush Escorts

Shining above all other agencies Crush Escorts has been truly proactive this season, with new models, gorgeous photoshoots and any service you could want this summer, there is no better time to heat up your life. With less rain and more sun, London escorts have embraced the opportunity to flaunt their wonderful figures with the enticing summer outfits they have been showcasing around London. To be accompanied by one of these incredible women it’s as simple as visiting the Crush Escorts website and making a booking, the whole process is straightforward, the prices are fair and the women/services that they provide are absolutely outstanding.

Everybody loves a date in a restaurant, cinema or hotel; but after a year of the same old dates, it’s time to take advantage of summer and try something new. In England, it’s not often we actually get good weather and even when we do it’s quite often spoiled by responsibilities or the ever impending rain. If you really want to brighten up your life and clear away any looming storm clouds this summer in your life, then I’d most definitely suggest spicing things up by booking one of these beautiful women. This agency really does provide some of the sexiest, most enticing escorts London has to offer and no matter what your taste, kink or preference I’m sure they’ll have the girl for you. Regardless of whether or not you’ve used an escort service before, these girls thrive at ensuring their clients are comfortable and exhilarated at all times. It’s this philosophy of pushing to exceed client’s expectations that ensure every booking is as special as you anticipate.

Another image of the London Escort Monika from Crush Escorts.

Monika – Crush Escorts

Make the most of your summer this year as you know it doesn’t very last long for us here in England. With this in mind try to do something different, exciting and exhilarating. The most important things in life are staying healthy, meeting people and ensuring that your desires are fulfilled. Come and visit some of London’s best hotspots with the gorgeous girls at Crush Escorts and ensure that you have an amazing summer. For more information on these gorgeous girls, the agency or contact information, feel free to visit their website!

Always Remember Crush Escorts is:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Professional

Crush Escorts Website: www.crushescorts.com